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Have you ever had to fumble around looking for the phone list that fell behind the desk just to find out someone's extension to dial?

The ShoreTel Call Manager applications provide a simple solution to managing all your voice communications with a click of your mouse!

Key Features

  • Quick Dialing by name using the system directory and Outlook contacts.
  • Visual voice messaging integrated with your Microsoft™ Outlook Inbox.
  • Five personalized call handling options with Outlook schedule integration.
  • Point-and-click access to all the systems features and visual caller information
  • Compatible with the mainstream PC platforms in today's enterprises

Automatic Look Up with the QuickDialer

The call manager software provides fast, easy, intelligent searching of both personal and system directories and Outlook contacts to instantly find and dial a number.

When you start typing a name, the application automatically searches the ShoreTel System directory and your Outlook contact folders. It displays both first and last name matches for dialing. When a match is found, double-clicking the name or clicking the go button starts the call.

Visual Voice Messages and Outlook Integrated Messaging

For Microsoft Outlook users, the call manager application displays all voice mail messages in your inbox, making it easy to retrieve and respond to messages in any order. With integrated voice messages, you can also forward voice mail to any e-mail destination, giving you the power of multimedia messaging.

For users that don't use Microsoft Outlook, an application is provided that provides an easy-to-use visual voice mail interface. With point-and-click simplicity, you can save, forward, or reply to messages.

Call Handling

The call manager applications allow you to present a highly professional image. You can easily program customized responses for your callers for different situations. You can have different call handling options to manage incoming calls when in a meeting, working from home, or out of town.

For each Call Handling Mode, you can:

  • Customize your greetings.
  • Forward calls to another number.
  • Specify how quickly voice mail picks up a call.
  • Be notified when a voice mail message is received.

Simplified Call Management

For each incoming and outgoing call, the call manager software displays the telephone number, name, and call duration. The point-and-click interface provides easy, direct access to everyday features such as transferring calls, making conference calls, and placing calls on hold.

Compatible with Most of Today's Business PCs

The call manager suite is compatible with today's business PC platforms. To run the call manager applications, the following are required:

  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista
  • Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2003, or Outlook 2007 for Outlook integrated voice mail

Contact your system administrator for more detailed information on platform requirements for the call manager applications.

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