Help for Students Working from Home!
  • STUDENTS - Remember to keep your laptop in your case AT ALL TIMES! Please don't leave your laptop where it could be knocked off or stepped on.


    • Your cell phone could be capable of providing Internet to laptops, iPads etc.  
    • If your data plan includes Mobile Hot Spot or Tethering and your smart phone has those capabilities.
    • This will allow students to access school applications such as Google Classroom, IXL, Class Dojo, You Tube, etc. on their school laptop.
    • This will consume the cell phone data, causing you to possibly be charged extra if your data limits are exceeded.  
    • In cases where students do not have home Internet but do have cell service this may be an option.
    • You can call your cell service provider if you are not sure if your plan includes Mobile Hot Spot or Tethering.
    • Please pass this information on to anyone who is without a connection.