• Competition Gymnasium with Stadium Seating on both sides for 858
    • Stadium Seating Separate from gymnasium floor so spectators have no immediate access to gymnasium floor.
    • Concession stand provided by parents of the Junior Class with proceeds used for Operation After Prom Party
    • Designated team bus parking with ready access to dressing rooms.
    • Two large parking areas in front and to the side of gym with designated handicapped parking.

    Coleman ISD will be responsible for:

    • Two (2) ticket takers
    • One (1) custodian on duty
    • One (1) clock keeper
    • One (1) bookkeeper
    • One (1) administrator on duty
    • Concession stand

    One Playoff Game - $500
    Two Playoff Games in one night - $800

    Gym Rental Phamphlet

    Gym Rental Use Agreement

    John Elder, A.D.
    Phone: 325-625-2156 ext. 603
    Cell: 254-493-8870
    E-mail: john.elder@colemanisd.net