• Request for use of Food Service Facilities
    COLEMAN ISD allows for the use of school food service facilities by groups other than school food service (hereinafter referred to as the Organization).  Outside groups needing to use foodservice facilities are required to obtain permission at least one (1) week in advance of needing the facilities.  Permission is to be obtained from the CISD Business Office, 300 West Pecan Street, 325-625-3575.
    The Organization agrees to the following terms and conditions in order to use food service facilities.
    1.                  At least one food service employee must be on duty during the time meals are being prepared and served.
    2.                  No one under the age of 18 is allowed to use gas or electric equipment in the kitchen.
    3.                  Safety of all individuals associated with the group is the sole responsibility of the group using the facilities.
    4.                  A school food service employee must be available in the facility at the time it is being used by the Organization (if kitchen is used).
    5.                  Facilities are to be left at the end of the use period in neat, clean condition.  All equipment is to be in good working order at the end of the use period.  Damaged or missing equipment will be repaired or replaced and the actual cost incurred by the school food service will be assessed against the deposit.  If additional fees are required to recover costs, the Organization will be responsible for the balance of repairs or replacement expenses.  The deposit will be returned upon inspection of foodservice facilities by the school food service employee on duty.
    6.                  The Organization will follow all Rules for Renters (attached).
    7.                  Fees are non-negotiable and are as follows (check requested facility):
                ____    Dining Room Only                                $50.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
                            (Kitchen facilities will be locked)
                ____    Kitchen Only                                        $35.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
                ____    Dining Room and Kitchen                     $85.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
    The Organization requests use of school food service facilities from _______ a.m./p.m. to _______ a.m./p.m. on _______________________________ (date).  I have understood and agree to the terms and condition of using school food service facilities.
    Name of Group/Organization: _____________________________________________________
    Address: ______________________________________________________________________
    City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________
    Event Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________
    Contact Telephone Number: (h)__________________(w)_______________(c)______________
    _____________________________________________                  ________________________
    Signature of Authorized Representative of Organization             Date
    _____________________________________________                  ________________________
    Signature of Authorized Representative of Coleman ISD                        Date

    1.                  Requests and reviews.  Requests to use school facilities must be submitted at least one week in advance of the event/activity.  No school facilities or custodial services are available when schools are in session.  The first review is done at the school level to confirm availability.  The final review and approval is done by the District Business Office.  Advertising, selling tickets or entering into any agreements based on the request prior to final approvals will be at the risk of the renter.
    2.                  Advance requests.   Confirmation of rental space will not be accepted more than six months prior to an event or activity.  Requests for special consideration more than six months prior to an event may be granted, but will be subject to cancellation in the event of a conflict with school-related activities which always have priority for facility use.
    3.                  Smoking, alcohol beverages, gaming.  Smoking is prohibited in all District facilities and on school grounds.  No alcoholic beverages may be served in any District building or on any District property.  District facilities may not be used for gambling, raffling, or other games of chance.  This prohibition does not apply to student or PTA activities such as school fairs, PTA Bingo, silent auctions, etc. although these organizations must comply with all relevant local and state statutes and regulations.
    4.                  Property damage.  Organizations will be charged for any damage beyond normal wear and tear to school property.
    5.                  Temporary electrical wiring.  There is to be no change in wiring or use of additional lighting or other electrical equipment without advance written permission from the District Business Office and appropriate permits.
    6.                  Pianos.  Renting organizations must make advance arrangements as part of the facility use request process for the use and location/relocation of pianos.  If a piano needs to be moved and advance permission is granted, the renting organization must pay an outside moving company for this service.
    7.                  Food and beverages.  The sale of beverages or food is prohibited unless written permission has been granted as part of the facility use approval process.
    8.                  Kitchen use.  School kitchens are available only when a regular school cafeteria employee is hired.
    9.                  Payments to District employees.  Organizations are prohibited from making any payments to District employees.  All payments related to rental activities must be made through invoices issued by the Business Office.
    10.              Payment.  Rental fees are due and payable upon receipt of an invoice from the District Business Office.  Failure to make timely payments may jeopardize future rentals.