• Deadline has been extended to the April 28th 2016
    UPDATED 3/28/16
    2016 - 2017
    Data Transmission Services and Internet Access, and Voice Services.

    CISD Telco 2016-2017
    Coleman ISD is requesting bids for Telecommunications Service.
    All bids must meet or exceed present capacities.
    Local telephone service: Presently using 35 lines including POT's, dry loop, HDSL circuits. Bids are open for an equivalent digital transmission service. We may add 5 additional lines if needed.

    Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 75 phone connections.

    Long Distance Service: Presently using 35 Lines and may add 5 additional if needed or equivalent digital transmission service.
    Fax Lines:  Presently using 5 Fax Lines
    Cell Phone Service: Presently using 25 cell phones with statewide service.

    CISD request proposals for dark, lit or self-provisioned fiber networks, to accommodate data rates at a minimum of 10 Gbps now and up to 25 Gbps in the future.  CISD will evaluate and submit for e-rate approval based upon a 10 year evaluation period.  Comparisons will include basic maintenance, repair, and routine testing of the fiber links.  This request has been modified to include comments and suggestions from USAC of the SLD.
    Locations for fiber connectivity. 
    From Coleman ISD Annex (WAN Distribution Facility) 301 W. 15th-A. Coleman Texas 76834 to:
    • Coleman High School, 201 W. 15th Coleman Texas 76834
    • Coleman Junior High School, 301 W. 15th Coleman Texas 76834
    • Coleman Elementary School, 303 W. 15th Coleman Texas 76834
    • Coleman ISD Administration Office, 2302 S. Commercial Avenue, Coleman Texas 76834
    • Coleman High School Varsity Gym, 2400 S. Concho Street, Coleman Texas 76834
    • Coleman High School Athletic Facility, 2705 S. Commercial Avenue, Coleman Texas       

    Dark Fiber Proposal: 
    It is the preference of CISD to enter into a 10 year dark fiber lease of fiber capacity that will be lit to provide the wide area network infrastructure for CISD.  The dark fiber lease will be evaluated for the purchase of fiber capacity separate from the service of lighting the fiber.   The response should include an additional proposal option for consideration that includes modulating electronics, services and maintenance associated with lighting the proposed dark fiber proposal based on the near-term (10 Gbps now) and long-term (25 Gbps in 5 years) bandwidth requirements of CISD.
    Specific Dark Fiber Requirements:
    • CISD is under the understanding that dark fiber does not currently exist between locations necessary for proposed network operation.
    • CISD will provide on-site access and cable path support for the new cable path between district locations.  All cable paths will be on district property.
    • Cable will be installed using telecommunications industry standard materials and procedures consistent with long term quality of operation.
    • The respondent will provide immediate use of 2 to 4 singlemode fibers, two for primary operation and two for redundancy or spares between locations.  The respondent will provide cost guidelines on the future availability of 4 more fibers in the cable plant.
    • Fibers will be terminated in vendor provided and installed patch panels, to be located in CISD provided racks.
    • All available fibers will be terminated with SC connectors, and tested to accommodate 25GB options between locations.
    Vendor Maintenance Requirements:
    • CISD will require on-going maintenance and operations of the fiber for the 10 year term of the lease.  Operations and maintenance pricing should include an overview of fiber maintenance practices including:
      • Call before you dig locate services.
      • Routine fiber maintenance and inspection, biannual fiber testing and documentation for specification compliance.
      • Handling of unscheduled outages and customer problem reports, including costs for response time and repair time options.  Also include costs for replacement as well as repair of damaged or broken fiber and cable.
      • A copy of any agreements with outside vendors for emergency troubleshooting and restoration of service due to fiber or cable damage.

    Lit Fiber Proposal: 
    CISD will equally evaluate proposals for lit fiber services with a cost evaluation over a 10 year period.  This proposal is to provide the modulating electronics, services and maintenance associated with lighting the dark fiber plant described above, based on the near-term (10 Gbps now) and long-term (25 Gbps in 5 years) bandwidth requirements of CISD.
    Specific Electronic Requirements:
    CISD will require costs of Cisco (or approved equivalent) SFPs capable of 10 Gpbs transmission from existing switches.  These existing switches will already have SFP slots, UPS and lightning protection provisions; only the SFPs and appropriate 3m jumpers for connection would be required.  SMARTnet maintenance or equivalent for a 3 year period on the SFPs are to be included.

    Self-Provisioned Fiber Proposals
    It is the intent of CISD to enter into a long term lease for dark or lit fiber; however, CISD will also consider proposals that provide a special construction project for a CISD owned fiber network, including the modulating electronics, services and maintenance for operation of the high-speed broadband network.  CISD will compare the total cost of ownership for the 10 year life of the facility for self-provisioned broadband network against the total costs for lit fiber.  The scope of work, service and maintenance of the self-provisioning option should be consistent with that of the dark and lit fiber specifications above.     

    2016 - 2017
    Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections

    Coleman ISD is requesting bids for basic maintenance of all eligible E-Rate equipment.
    Basic Maintenance of Eligible Broadband Internal Connections
    The following basic maintenance services are requested:
    Repair and upkeep of eligible hardware
    Wire and cable maintenance
    Configuration changes
    Basic technical support including online and telephone based technical support
    Software upgrades and patches including bug fixes and security patches
    Equipment includes. 
    Access points, Antennas, cabling, connectors, and related components, Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Racks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)/Battery Backup, Wireless controller. Software supporting the components on this list used to distribute high-speed broadband throughout school.  

    Bids will be accepted until 10 AM April 28, 2016

    Please send Email response to:
    Paul Martin
    Coleman ISD
    2302 S. Commercial Avenue
    Coleman, Texas 76834
    Any additional information can be found at 
    www.colemanisd.org  select required postings. Select E-Rate RFP
    Responses to questions will be posted on this site.