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  • Coleman County Schools Receive Connections Grant

    Coleman ISD, Santa Anna ISD, Panther Creek CISD, and Novice ISD have recently received word from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) of the award of over $850,000 for a Connections Grant. This grant will assist each campus in becoming statewide technology demonstration sites and serving as models for the exemplary use of educational technology for increased student learning. Each campus's main purpose will be to promote student achievement in educational settings in ways that are not possible without technology.  As a collaborative partnership, the schools will actively engage in outreach to promote student learning that benefits from technology. Outreach partners include City of Coleman/Coleman Public Library and Wind Clean.    The funds will be used to further enhance infrastructure where needed and to begin immersion with student laptops in Novice ISD, Panther Creek ISD, and Santa Anna ISD. The grant will also provide for instructional technology in classrooms that have not yet received interactive white boards and other IT materials. Professional development will continue to be provided where needed as county teachers are prepared to begin modeling and delivering professional development to other schools and at…

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  • School Visitation

    Coleman ISD having been the recipient of many technology grants is now fully immersed in grades 4-12.  The district also has interactive white boards and document cameras as well as other technology tools in most core curriculum classrooms.  Teachers have successfully integrated the use of technology with the CSCOPE Curriculum adopted by the district. The district invites visitors to the campuses to view the technology in use and meet with administrators and teachers concerning the integration and use of technolgy. To schedule visits to Coleman ISD please contact Lorrie Payne, Curriculum…

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